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NJREA Scholarships  Isabelle M. Hickman (IMH) four-year scholarship The IMH Scholarship awards $1,000 each to two students and is renewable through senior year in college, provided the student maintains a 3.0 GPA or better. Applicants must have graduated from a New Jersey public school in the top ten percent of their class and be accepted by a four-year institution. Application deadline is April 15. Download application form=

Community College Scholarship   Two scholarships of $500 each are given each year to students interested in continuing their education at a community college. If the recipient completes the first year with an acceptable GPA, the award is renewed for the second year. Applicants must reside in New Jersey. Application deadline is April 15. Download application form  Scholarship=

Assistance for Survivors=

Student NJEA. Need a Holiday or birthday gift idea???  Members can purchase a membership in the Student NJEA for their grandchildren, nieces, nephews. Student NJEA on your resume shows concern about the teaching profession, even before you become a teacher. =

Click on the following to view out Winter Newsletter:

winter_newsletter_2011_color_final7 revised



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