About US

Atlantic County Retired Educators Association

The ACREA is composed of approximately 1000 members and continues to grow annually.  Through its newsletter and three yearly meetings, the organization endeavors to:

  • Promote the social, professional, and economic status of retired members;
  • Keep members informed about the benefits available to them and how they may maintain those benefits;
  • Further the advancement ofNew Jersey’s Public Schools;
  • Advocate, promote, and urge the passage of local, state, and national legislation

benefitting all retired people; Cooperate actively with NJEA, NJREA, and NEA-R in their endeavors.

Membership is eligible to all retired professional or support staff members who worked in a public or state school, college, or university in New Jersey.  All retired public school employees may become a member regardless of residency.

The Atlantic County Retired Educators Association is unified with the New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association.  Membership in the NJREA includes membership in NJEA, NEA and a county retired association, in our case, the ACREA.  Accordingly, a member receives all NEA, NJREA, NJEA and ACREA publications which endeavor to keep retirees informed about issues in education and their status as a retired public school employee. The NJREA/ACREA works closely with the NJEA to insure and improve pension and health benefits for all retirees.  Because a retiree’s benefits are controlled by the governor and state legislature, each member is expected to vote in all national, state, local, and especially, school elections and is encouraged to vote according to the recommendations of NJEA’s Political Action Committee (PAC).  A retiree who has purchased any NEA insurance or benefit must maintain membership in the NJREA in order to retain the NEA benefit.

Dues are $80 and include membership to NJREA, NJEA, NEA, and ACREA.  Membership runs from September to August.


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